Porcelain Primer & Grout

Congratulations on your decision to purchase one of our products. The quality of the installation and your pavings longevity,  are greatly influenced by the materials used during four key stages.

We are delighted to introduce VillaFix™ Porcelain and Paving Solutions, made specifically to help you Lay, Finish, Protect and Care for your new patio.

Protect your new investment with our VillaFix™ Patio Guard (see page 67). Ask your local stockist for more information.

Porcelain Primer

VillaFix Primer is an ultra-high polymer and fibre modified flexible waterproofing primer with excellent workability and adhesion properties.  Applied in one coat for fast application to promote adhesion and control suction on difficult substrates such as porcelain, concrete, ceramic tiles, paving slabs or setts.  

Porcelain Grout

Specially formulated for porcelain paving grout has been developed for joint widths of 2 to 20mm.  Ideal for internal and external use.  Using anti-mould growth technology with added silicone repels water from the surface of the grout, while allowing vapour to pass through.