General Information

Colour of the product in this brochure is indicative only due to the printing process and you should visit your local Stockist to view the product. Furthermore, by its nature all stone varies in colour and finish and may contain imperfections.

Over time as the stone ages, colour variation can occur due to the mineral content oxidising and the effect of weathering which may also attract organic growth. Some delamination of the surface may occur but this is not detrimental to the performance of the flags. This is the inherent beauty of natural stone.

The effect of the cement content in the joints and base material may result in the temporary effect of efflorescence which may appear as a white deposit on the surface which will diminish over time.

All sizes are nominal and are subject to manufacturing tolerances. All natural stone is cut to allow for joints in the installation process.All our products are supplied through a national network of Stockists.

For your nearest Stockist call our Customer Services Team on 0845 6474567 or 0333 6004567. Carefully consider the suitability of the product for your project. We cannot accept responsibility for any project where the products were unsuitable or incorrectly installed. Your local Stockist can advise on this.

You should allow about 10% for wastage and cutting on the total meterage.

Have all packs delivered to complete the whole job and then mix from all the packs when laying as this will minimise any dramatic shade variation on the finished scheme.

All products should be inspected prior to installation and defects reported to the stockist immediately as no responsibility will be taken by Stone Paving Supplies after the product has been laid. Circles should be laid out before installation to check all pieces are present and to ensure the correct spacing of joints.

All products are supplied subject to the appropriate Terms & Conditions. Stone Paving Supplies products require sweeping on a regular basis to remove general dirt and detritus that accumulates on any external paved area.

Washing with water and a stiff broom will assist in the cleaning. If using a power washer care must be taken not to dislodge the pointing from the joints and overuse may also affect the surface of the flags.

For more stubborn stains there are propriety cleaners on the market but these must be checked if suitable for use on natural stone of whatever composition. Their technical department should advise. Acids must not be used on natural stone as this may affect colour and finish of the stone.

If, as a personal choice, the paving is to be sealed and with many sealers on the market their suitability must be determined for the type of stone used. Reference to their technical department must be sort. Many products from Stone Paving Supplies are heavy to lift and care should be taken when handling.

Always wear protective gloves, footwear and clothing. When cutting, safety googles and face mask are to be worn. Any product over 20kg should be treated in accordance with current Manual Handling legislation available from the Health & Safety Executive. This and other H&S information can be found on part of this website maybe reproduced without written permission from Stone Paving Supplies.

All information is considered correct at time of uploading and Stone Paving Supplies cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Furthermore, in the interest of continued product development, we reserve the right to change colours, designs or specifications without prior notice.